Culebra's Fish

Bonefish (Macaco)

Culebra should never be considered a major Bonefish destination by any stretch of the imagination.  But... Fly fishers keep coming back year after year because the fish are so big and so tough and the island has so much to offer separate and apart from the great fishing. Chris: 'I've had some of the same clients for 12 years and though I would like to think the attraction is me in reality it's those Culebra Bones and the mystique of Culebra.'

Bonefishing in Culebra Bone FishCulebra Bonefish

Permit (Pompano)

They are here and just as tantalizing and tough to catch as anywhere else in the world. February and March (during the spring tides) is considered the peak period, but look for them any time of the year.


Tarpon (Sabalo)

Fish off the Beach in knee deep gin clear water as Tarpon Blitz schools of bait fish at your feet . Smaller tarpon also cruise the Mangroves and make great targets for 8 wts and light spinning tackle..

Tarpon Fish in CulebraTarpon

The ideal fishing conditions for the past two seasons has been October, November and December.

So ... Remember book early - the word is out!

Other Species

In addition to the big three we often target CeroKing Mackerel, Yellow TailMutton Snapper, Bonito (False Albacore), Horse Eye and Bar Jacks.

We do arrange offshore charters targeting King Mackerel, Wahoo, Dorado, and Tuna - Just let us know and we can set it up!

Pompano in Culebra Chris with Yellowtail in Culebra

If you want to learn how to fly fish and are not in Culebra, please check out American Fly Fishing Schools